How to use the Professional Colour Guide




Overwhelmed by choices? Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. That's why we created the Professional Colour Guide to help you as a decorator to make the right choices for your clients. Here are three great tools to help you guide them into the world of colour:

Tool 1: The Perfect Finish

Very simple. Just turn to page 6 to get the best advice on which Dulux product to use for your surface and chosen finish. Each item is provided with a description of its qualities so you can pick the most suitable product at a glance.

Tool 2: Colour Fanatic

Pull out the central section for an overview of all our colour shades. Yes, we've spoiled you for choice, but here's a tip to simplify picking a colour; cut out a colour chip-sized square from a white piece of paper and mask off the other colours to help your client consider individual shades in isolation.


Tool 3: Dulux Gets Digital

Making your final decision can be tricky, but help is at hand. The Dulux Visualizer app allows clients to preview colours live in their homes and co-ordinate colours with existing furniture. It might just become your favourite app.

Our favourite part of the guide? It can all be used as an aid for both you and your clients to visualise a brighter future. View the guide here or pick up your copy of the new Professional Colour Guide in store now.


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