Applying Diamond Glaze




On bare new wood floors

Rub down the thoroughly cleaned surface with 120 grit abrasive, vacuum and leave to settle overnight. Remove dust from the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Prime the surface with one coat of Diamond Glaze Clear Gloss. Leave overnight to dry then lightly sand with the grain using 120 grit abrasive and remove dust before finishing with a further 2-3 coats.


On floors previously treated with Diamond Glaze

Test a small clean area first, sand with 120 grit abrasive and dust off. Apply a test patch of Diamond Glaze - if the Glaze leaves uncoated spots, the surface is contaminated and needs to be stripped. If the film formed is unblemished, leave for 24 hours then test for adhesion by scraping with a coin. If the surface is sound, continue with preparation and priming as described above.


On previously waxed, oiled or polished floors

After cleaning or stripping a test area, place a drop of water on the bare wood - if it forms a bead, wax is still present and Diamond Glaze should not be used without thorough preparation. If the water disperses, carry out the application/adhesion tests above before proceeding with cleaning, stripping and priming.


On unknown finishes and poor condition floors

Clean with a preparatory floor cleaner. Perform the adhesion, application and water bead tests as above.


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