The smart choice for tight budgets




Promoting wellbeing while keeping budgets healthy is the difficult balance specifiers need to achieve on healthcare sector projects. The Armstead Trade combination of AkzoNobel quality and affordability is made to meet the challenge.

Recommended products

  • Durable Matt and Durable Acrylic Eggshell are tested to British Standards for their ability to resist scuffs. Common stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth, making them spot on for maintaining the highest hygiene levels in high traffic areas such as corridors.
  • Durable Matt has a wider choice of colours so the colour range for this and all our interior emulsions can help to create an attractive environment that patients feel comfortable in. The breadth of colours makes it easy to adhere to The Equality Act guidance, assisting visually impaired service users to navigate safely with sufficient visual contrast.
  • With our water-based emulsion and trim finishes, attractive results with the desired colour contrast can be speedily achieved.
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