Tailoring the colour palette to the age group




Primary, secondary and further education students are very different 'audiences' with diverse needs and preferences when it comes to colour.


Primary education

The main task when decorating for the youngest age group is stimulating fun and play. Choose clean, fresh neutral wall colours and complement them with uplifting accent colours for feature walls and doors in teaching spaces. Remember, too, that the Dulux Trade range includes Sterishield, a specialist paint that can help to create a hygienic environment for primary and secondary school children by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.


Secondary education

Mid-teens want to feel they are being treated as young adults, so their palette features colours that are more mature but still fun and inspiring. Otherwise similar principles hold true: brighter accent colours for feature walls and doors, complemented by neutral shades for main walls. Durable finishes such as the Dulux Trade Diamond range are even more essential for these bigger, more boisterous youngsters, and it is again worth considering the use of an anti-bacterial Sterishield finish.


Further and higher education

16+ students are a diverse bunch but this dynamic palette will enable you to create modern, engaging spaces in which they'll feel happy to learn, chill and play. The Dulux Trade team can also help you meet your sustainability objectives, with products such as the Ecosure range, designed to minimise the environmental impact of the decorating process, and waste-reducing solutions including can recycling and our unique paint solidifier.

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