Sikkens Woodstains




View this series of short, informative videos from Sikkens and you will be ready to make the most of the quality and diversity of the Sikkens range of products and colours. Start by refreshing your knowledge of woodcare basics, and the what's different about woodstains, opaques and varnishes, so you can always choose the right finish for the project you have in mind. The videos also provide a quick guide to the Sikkens Cetol and Rubbol ranges.


Achieving optimum results with Sikkens translucent woodstains

This video shows how simply and effectively Sikkens translucent woodstains allow you to colour and protect wood, and find the shade that is perfect for the substrate you are working with.

Above all, the outstanding translucency of Sikkens formulation allows the beauty and natural grain of the wood to show through with maximum clarity. They're ideal for decorating new and attractive timbers where the priority is seeing the quality of the wood under the coating.

Woodstains protect the wood from the damaging and fading effect of harmful UV rays in sunlight, and are water repellent to help prevent decay. Wood expands and contracts naturally because of moisture and temperature changes. However, Sikkens vapour permeable woodstains allow water vapour to escape so moisture doesn't get trapped in the wood. In addition, because the coating is flexible it allows the wood to flex without cracking and flaking.

To learn more about Sikkens translucent woodstains, why not watch our short video.


Extensive colour choice

With seven ready mixed colours available, plus many more beautiful and diverse shades from the Cetol Classic and Style Collections, there is great scope for creating different design effects and decorative schemes with Sikkens Cetol stains and varnishes. Make the most of this freedom by being adventurous and choosing the colour that works best with your chosen substrate.

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