Sikkens TSI Plus




This series of informative Sikkens videos is a 'ready-when-you-are' guide to woodcare. Take a few minutes out to watch them and you'll find that the series includes a general introduction to the Sikkens range, a quick guide to the vital differences between woodstains, opaques and varnishes, and tips on selecting the right product for every task. The videos also cover the Sikkens Cetol and Rubbol ranges and individual products in greater detail.


Achieving optimum results with Sikkens TSI plus

This video shows how effectively Cetol TSI plus satin finish varnish can seal, protect and enhance interior doors, floors, skirtings and other hardwood and softwood surfaces. It is a translucent finish that not only protects, but also allows the full natural beauty of the wood, and in particular its distinctively patterned grain to be seen and work its full magic.

TSI plus is a medium build solvent-based satin woodstain and varnish that's easy to apply directly to the wood surface. There's no need to start with a separate base coat. Three coats of decorative, protective TSI Satin give long lasting results on all types of interior wood. It provides a tough, durable coating that's harder wearing than woodstains - and it decorates and protects with a water resistant film. Equally importantly, the finish is tough enough to withstand everyday knocks, spills and abrasions and stay looking good in the long term.

To learn more about TSI plus, why not watch our short video or click the product link below.

Sikkens TSI Plus


Outstanding colour choice

Cetol stains and varnishes are available in 7 ready mixed colours, and that's just the start of the options available. With many more shades available in the Cetol Classic Collection and the Cetol Style Collection, you have maximum freedom to create different design effects, complement the substrate you are working with, and keep your decorative schemes fresh.

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