Home from home




At Dulux Trade our extensive experience with student accommodation includes having worked closely with The UNITE Group for five years. They are the UK's largest provider of student accommodation, responsible for over 130 properties, providing homes for more than 42,000 students across 23 cities.

The first thing to remember when creating student accommodation is that this is their home and it needs to feel that way, with colour used to define distinct areas within each room and make common areas as welcoming as possible. It must also be a place they can make their own, and of course it's a space in which they will be spending long hours studying, so it's essential to conjure up an ambience in which young minds can learn and think.

Students being students, and with rotational maintenance tending to happen in 5-year cycles, durability, cleanability and the ability to withstand constant wear and tear are also crucial considerations.

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