Choosing the right product for the job




Clearly you have many things to consider when choosing the right product for any given exterior job. You can rest assured that with the comprehensive Dulux Trade range, you'll quickly find the perfect answer.

Factors to consider when choosing colours

  • Number of coats being applied


  • Application rate


  • Absorbency


  • Texture


  • Original colouration


  • Condition of substrate


  • Hardwood or softwood


All of the above will affect the final colour. For this reason Dulux Trade recommends applying a trial coat on a small inconspicuous area before committing to a given shade.


High or low-build?

High-build products provide a thicker coat and increased durability ideal for joinery items such as windows or doors.

Low-build is the preferred choice when more penetration of the wood is required, and timber movement is more likely (e.g. cladding / fascias etc.)


Semi-transparent or opaque?

Semi-transparents are available in a range of natural wood colours, and are perfect for showing off the natural wood grain.

Opaques provide a solid colour finish, ideal for hiding imperfections, yet allow the wood texture to show.


Water-based or solvent-based?

As with high and low-build formulations, water and solvent-based products offer differing benefits to suit different applications.

Water-based benefits:

  • Low odour


  • Quicker drying


  • Lower environmental impact


  • Minimal discolouration for clear coats


  • Easy clean-up of brushes and equipment


Solvent-based benefits

  • Traditional


  • Will not raise the grain of the wood as much


  • Longer working time


*Although water-based Dulux Trade Diamond Glaze offers 10x tougher protection for all interior wood

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