Dulux Trade Airsure FAQs


Dulux Trade Airsure FAQs

VOC content and emissions release post application are related but not all low or minimal VOC content paints can be classed as low emissions. This relates to the emissions limits stipulated by Environmental Assessment Methods such as BREEAM and LEED. They measure emissions either 14 or 28 days post application (14 days for LEED and 28 days for BREEAM). Paints release emissions at different rates, so low VOC paints that emit VOCs slowly may not be below the BREEAM or LEED limits at the specific times those schemes stipulate measurement.

How are the paints 99.9% VOC free?

VOC in can content is measure in g/L in accordance with ISO 11890-2:2013.   All the Airsure Products have a VOC content of less than 0.5g/L, which is less than 0.1% of the formulation, making them 99.9% VOC free.


Why can’t all Dulux Trade standard wall paints be 99.9% VOC free?

It’s not as easy as it sounds to take VOCs out of paint, particularly in more durable formulations, whilst maintaining performance attributes and/or keeping costs the same.  Our new Airsure products use the latest technologies we have available and our goal in the future is to build on this to reduce VOCs and VOC emissions further in our core formulations

Do you have to compromise on performance when you use products in the Airsure range?

No, products in our Airsure range offer similar performance to that you would expect from their standard equivalent


Is Airsure Diamond Matt less durable than standard Diamond Matt?

No, Airsure Diamond Matt has the same level of durability as standard Diamond Matt, ie Type C BS 7719 scrub ratings and tested to 10k scrubs


What colours are the Airsure products available in?

Airsure Diamond Matt and Sikkens Alphatex SF Matt, are available in the full Dulux Trade tinted colour range, but they are tinted in depot, so your Dulux Trade stockist will need to order them in for you.  For both Airsure Vinyl Matt and Diamond Matt RAL9010 is available as a ready mixed colour.

How many BREEAM credits can I secure using Airsure products?

Dulux Trade Airsure Vinyl Matt and Diamond Matt comply with the most stretching ‘exemplary’ category as laid out in Table 5.12 in section Hea02 of BREEAM UK NC 2018. If three of the five product types listed in the section must meet the more exemplary level emission limits, a total of 3 credits can be secured.

Are products in the Airsure range lower Carbon too?

Products in the new Dulux Trade Airsure range have an equal or lower carbon footprint than the standard formulation. Please see the product EPDs for more details.

Does spraying Airsure paints impact the low emissions rating?

No, VOC emissions are released as the paint is drying, this can take many days, which is why BREEAM measures VOC emissions over the 28 day period.


Do products in the Airsure range help to improve in-door Air Quality?

No, but they do help to minimise the impact of painting on indoor air quality, by emitting lower levels of VOCs as they dry compared to standard paints.

Why is there a Sikkens product in the range, and how does it fit in?

Sikkens Alphatex SF Matt is in the range to meet the needs of our specifier customers who are seeking a “low emission” standard paint (eg Vinyl Matt) in a tinted colour.

Some paints claim to be Zero VOC – why isn’t Airsure Zero VOC?

As there will always be trace amounts of VOC in paints, there is no such thing as a truly 100% VOC-free or Zero VOC paint. The paint industry in the UK and across Europe consequently agreed in 2013 not to use Zero VOC claims. However, the term Zero VOC is commonly mis-used in the US where paints with less than 5 g/l are frequently referred to as ‘Zero VOC’ products (sometimes seen in the UK on paints manufactured in the US).

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