Customer priorities: what homeowners are looking for in 2021

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To help you book in work now or for the future, we’re looking at what customers will need for their homes in the ‘new normal’.

What exactly are your customers looking for?

We surveyed homeowners and asked what their decorating priorities were after lockdown, and three of the top five answers involved painting:

1: Painting the living room (25.22%)

2: Getting new carpets (20.11%)

3: Painting the dining room (15.14%)

4: Hanging new wallpaper (14.75%)

5: Painting the exterior of my property (12.91%)

The demand for your services is out there. But how are you going to reach new customers?

Use the internet to build your decorating business

With our six steps to social success, it’s easier than you might think to build your business online:

1: Choose your social channels
2: Focus on one or two of them
3: Show off your work
4: Ask for reviews
5: Offer advice where you can
6: Be yourself

Promoting and marketing hints and tips

The way we use our homes has changed as a result of lockdown. It’s time to focus on these areas that your competitors might have missed:

Zoning homes

By using specific colour schemes, you can help your customers to create specific zones and multipurpose spaces. It can be as simple as using cool blues like Denim Drift to create a calm work area, or a bright feature wall to signify that this room is for play. 

Explaining how you can use Dulux colours to create zones for work, relaxation and socialisation and reassure homeowners that you’re a real expert.

Decorating for wellbeing

Switching bold, brash colours for mood-boosting and calming shades from the Dulux ColourFutures palette will help you create spaces where your customers want to spend time.

Take it outside

Show customers how to turn the garden or other outdoor areas into another room for entertaining and socialising, and you’ll open up a whole new range of opportunities.

If you’re the first decorator in your area to reflect the changing ways we use our homes in the services you offer, you’ll quickly find yourself streets ahead of the competition.

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