Welcome to Smarter Spaces

At Smarter Spaces, our mission is simple: to help teachers and children thrive through the power of design and colour in schools. Across the country, we help transform schools and classrooms into environments that are not just visually appealing, but also support teaching and learning.

What people are saying about Smarter Spaces

‘Never before have we seen such a range of voices come together to promote the importance of the learning environment, and the involvement of pupils and teachers in its design’

Brian Lightman,
Former General Secretary

‘I think it’s really important that every school has a real think about the way that they are smart about using space’

Janet Hayward,
Cadoxton Primary School

‘Thank you for involving us at the start of your journey. I really feel confident that Smarter Spaces will have a huge impact on teaching & learning.’

Gizela Daemi-Rashidi,
Head of Graphics
St Ives

Looking for inspiration for your project?

We've put together some advice to help you design your school environments to support better teaching and learning, and to allow your learners to really thrive at school.