Cuprinol Spray & Brush 2 in 1 Pump Sprayer

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Key benefits
  • 3 year guarantee (excluding brush)
  • Twice the speed of a brush
  • Reusable and replaceable parts
  • Parts will dismantle for easy cleaning with water
Technical characteristics
Technical Information
  • Coverage Refer to the coverage of the product being sprayed
Product Features
  • Easy application

Product Description

Want to paint your sheds and fences in a fraction of the time? Use the new Cuprinol Spray & Brush. This unique 2 in 1 innovation gives the speed and ease of a sprayer combined with the control and precision of a brush – for the perfect finish.

Application Description

ON INITIAL USE: The majority of the components are assembled however you will need to clip the brush (1088) into the handset and attach the hose (1090) SECURELY to the sprayer tank to avoid leaks during use. Ensure all fittings are tight prior to use but do not use a spanner or similar to tighten. After assembly test for proper delivery and tightness by filling with water, pressurising and doing a test spray. Remove centre handle/pump (921) from the sprayer by turning it anticlockwise (in the locked position).

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Storing
    Ensure that liquid is completely drained from the sprayer and hose for storage. It is best to detach the hose from the sprayer tank and handset during storage.