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Smart Hacks: How to Apply Paint for Best Coverage

Smart Hacks: How to Apply Paint for Best Coverage

Putting on a coat of paint is second nature by now, but it's worth brushing up on your technique every so often, to make sure you haven't slipped into any bad habits - it can happen to the best of us no matter how long we've been in the trade.

While poor preparation could let down even the best work, applying the paint is still the most crucial factor in getting a great finish, so make sure you’re following best practice with the 'W' and 'M' technique. It ensures you get the best, and most even, coverage, meaning fewer coats of paint - which in turn could mean saving time and money. It's also a useful guide to follow for knowing when to reload your roller. Here's a reminder of what it is and how to do it.

1: Load your roller evenly and cut in around a small section of the area to be painted. Resist the temptation to cut in the whole room first!

2: At your starting point on the wall, use your roller to paint a 'W' shape. Cover no more than an area of around 3ft (1 metre) square.

3: Now go back over the area you've just painted following a 'M' shape to fill in the 'V'-shaped gaps.

4: Work out the roller horizontally to get an even coverage, then lay off vertically with only light pressure.

5: Reload your roller, then move onto the next section, working your way in squares across and down the wall.

Give it a go on your next job - you'd be surprised at what a difference it makes to the coverage.

Do you have a smart hack that makes your job easier? Share it with us on the [Dulux Trade Paint Expert Facebook](Dulux Trade Paint Expert) page.