Making The Smart Choice



As part of a record investment in its trade paint brands, AkzoNobel has unveiled Armstead Trade, the new brand that replaces Glidden Trade. Alex Briggs, Senior Brand Manager at Armstead Trade, explains more about the new offering and why it provides the smart choice for the painting and decorating industry.


When budgets are tight it's even more important to be well-informed and use cost-effective products that offer a quality finish. Professionals rely on maintaining high standards to build a strong reputation with customers and get new business. However, when projects have financial constraints, balancing cost and quality can be difficult. The Armstead Trade range takes over from Glidden Trade, and continues to offer a reliable, trade quality finish at an affordable price. The range offers a smart solution for interiors and exteriors in a number of high traffic settings, including education, social housing and offices.


What’s new?


Focusing on the delivery of a professional performance with exceptional value, the new brand inherits a comprehensive range of tried and tested paint finishes from Glidden Trade that are designed to cover all needs, from basic hardworking formulations, to specialist products for more demanding projects. While Armstead Trade is formulated for fast, effective application to ensure a quicker job turnaround, it is also designed to fit jobs with more limited budgets.


Following research with decorators and contractors, the name Armstead Trade was selected to reflect the characteristics of reliability, strength and steadfastness that the brand is all about. Delivering value for money, Armstead Trade has been developed to offer effective finishes for every trade professional task, inside and out, from interior walls and ceilings to exterior trim.


Product investment


While the vast majority of products have stayed the same, as part of the launch, we've looked at ways to improve products and services to make Armstead Trade the smarter choice for professionals. So while customers will still be able to get the same products they know and trust, throughout this year, new finishes will be introduced that provide strong performance when budgets are tight.


For example, the rebrand has seen significant investment in our water-based glosses. Our new Quick Drying range features Quick Dry Gloss and Quick Dry Satin which offer more durable, fast drying solutions. Suitable for use on interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces, Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss provides improved sheen and whiteness, and delivers non-yellowing, high gloss results that will last. One of the fastest growing areas of the market is a water based satin finish, and the new Quick Dry Satin formulation meets this demand, retaining its whiteness, while providing a professional quality, mid-sheen finish with good flow and application properties.


As with Glidden Trade, these new products are backed up by AkzoNobel's technical support and advice so professionals can complete every job with complete confidence. Armstead Trade is also supported by AkzoNobel's sustainability drive which aims to reduce the impact of its paints on the environment. As part of this, Armstead Trade offers a range of water-based alternatives to solvent-based products which provide a more sustainable solution, while the water-based formulation provides fast application to minimise disruption to customers. The brand also uses raw materials that have a reduced carbon impact - increasing its sustainability credentials with no impact on product quality or application.


Smarter choices


Customers always expect the highest standards regardless of how much they are able to spend. As such, Armstead Trade aims to highlight the smarter choices that will help decorators fulfil project objectives more easily, without being constrained by price range. For instance, the scrubbable Armstead Trade Durable Matt is an affordable solution that has been verified in accordance with British Standard testing, and is ideal for busy homes and other high traffic areas. Thanks to investment in its product innovation, including two new bases in the range, Durable Matt is now available in over 3,000 colours, offering even more flexibility for a refreshed colour scheme. The water-based formulation also provides an easy application, while the durable, matt finish lasts longer and helps to reduce the cost of redecoration.


As well as opting for efficient products, offering customers good guidance is a crucial service. Accessible product literature is a simple way for professionals to make educated decisions and give helpful added value advice. As part of the Armstead Trade launch, additional colour support materials have been developed. These resources - including a new product and colour card, a Specifier Guide, and dedicated Armstead Trade resources on the Dulux Trade Paint Expert website and iPhone app - will allow decorators and contractors to identify a package of products that meet the needs of each individual customer, and enable them to strike the balance between cost and quality. Throughout the year, decorators can expect to see a lot more from Armstead Trade, as we launch a number of new products to offer a smarter choice and further meet the needs of the industry.