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How Hygiene Control Is Reshaping Hospitals


By Andrew Cleaver, National Sector Manager, Healthcare


The wellbeing of staff, patients and visitors in healthcare environments has never been of greater importance.

As we start to emerge from a year that has placed unprecedented strain on hospitals, care homes and associated frontline services, the benefits of performance coatings and an evidence-based approach to colour design cannot be understated. 

At Dulux Trade these twin factors drive our determination to develop products and processes that incorporate cutting-edge technology to create spaces that are welcoming, yet at the same time reach the highest of safety standards.

Robust infection control strategies that uphold the highest hygiene levels are a vital element of this.

Throughout the pandemic, tough, cleanable Dulux Trade Sterishield has become an even more trusted element of the hospital infection control strategy used widely across the NHS - as its antibacterial properties help stop the spread of germs and bacteria on interior walls.

Recent testing of its active ingredient has revealed that it reduces surface bacteria in just two hours.

This world-class formulation is the result of an intensive and rigorous research and testing programme, achieving ISO 22196.

It is ideal for high-use areas that require regular cleaning, and its non-hazardous formulation means it can be applied and disposed of in the same way as any standard emulsion. 

It also offers all the benefits of Dulux Trade Diamond technology - being hard-wearing, stain-resistant and ten times tougher than vinyl silks.   

Providing reassurance around safety to both occupants and visitors in the care sector will be a defining characteristic of the coming months and years.

Hit badly in the early stages of the pandemic, now that visitors are being allowed to return - it is important both for them and residents to feel reassured in these environments. 

Dulux Trade Sterishield’s ability to help stop the spread of germs can help provide this.  

Though of critical importance, safety cannot be the sole consideration when designing spaces in the healthcare sector.

There are a wide range of requirements and users that need to be catered for - from reception rooms and treatment rooms, to wards and operating theatres.

The functionality of wall coatings must be balanced against creating areas that are aesthetically pleasing for patients, staff and visitors.

That’s why Dulux Trade offers evidence-based healthcare colour palettes. Conceived within the ProCure22 Construction framework, they are expressly designed to create beautiful-looking environments - while improving patient outcomes.

The P22 Healthcare Colour Palette has among its considerations how colours can improve diagnosis, reduce stress, optimise comfort and boost productivity – and is a time-saving package delivering solutions that combine wall colours from Dulux Trade with flooring options from Tarkett Flooring.


Driving down disruption in busy healthcare environments is also a key priority. Products that are easy to apply and leave surfaces looking better for longer can help here.

Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is a tough, water-based matt emulsion paint that contains ultimate scuff-resistant technology. It is designed to protect walls against scuff marks and is also cleanable and offers good stain resistance. Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is perfect for use in busy, high traffic areas such as corridors, stairwells and hallways.

From the outbreak of the pandemic, hospitals saw a huge increase in activity - with wards being reconfigured and mothballed buildings being brought up to date.

Budget restraints were removed, with building projects brought forward at the same time as painting programmes were accelerated, as the nation got behind a common goal.

We’re proud that we’ve been able to offer a combination of thoughtful colour and design that improves quality of life, along with coatings that deliver world-class performance in infection control and durability, reshaping how hospitals function, feel and look as our freedoms are gradually returned to us.

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