Sikkens Opaque




Ready to update yourself about woodcare essentials? That's how the invaluable Sikkens product video series begins. After outlining the knowledge you need to make the most of the superb Sikkens range, the series introduces the range and highlights the key differences between woodstains, opaques and varnishes, so you can always select the right type of finish for each project. After guiding you through the Sikkens Cetol and Rubbol ranges there's a brief overview of the main Sikkens Cetol and Rubbol products.


Achieving optimum results with Sikkens Opaques

This video demonstrates how effectively Sikkens opaque finishes can be used to add solid colour to wood. Yet even though the finish is a solid colour, Sikkens Opaques are specially formulated to allow what is most distinctive about wood, its attractive texture, to show through.

Opaques are ideal for hiding surface imperfections on wood. They also provide the best solution when you need to create an attractive covering for previously coated or damaged wood. The opaque coating does not only obliterate the substrate, it also provides UV protection to the same level as a woodstain, preventing sunlight from damaging the wood. Furthermore, the coating is water repellent to prevent decay.

Wood expands and contracts naturally because of moisture and temperature changes. But Sikkens opaques are vapour permeable, allowing water vapour to escape so moisture doesn't get trapped in the wood. Furthermore, because the coating is so flexible, it allows the wood to flex without cracking and flaking.

To learn more about Sikkens opaque finishes, why not watch our short video.


Wide choice of opaque colours

Sikkens Opaques provide an outstanding choice of solid colours, from fresh pastels to rich and vibrant hues. A complete palette with which to enhance and protect wood. Choose from the Sikkens 4041 Color Concept Range, the Sikkens Color Selection Range, British Standard Colours or RAL colours.