Sikkens AZ Plus




Achieving optimum results with Sikkens Rubol AZ plus

In a little over 2 minutes, this video shows how simply and effectively you can achieve an attractive and durable high gloss finish on exterior doors and windows using solvent-based Rubbol AZ plus.

Like all Rubbol exterior opaque coatings, Rubbol AZ plus is formulated to add solid colour and provide outstanding protection from the elements. Yet although the finish is opaque, it is specially formulated to allow the beauty of the wood texture to show through.

Rubbol AZ plus isn't just good on wood. It can also be used as a finish coat on metal and hard plastic surfaces, but please note that these materials must always have been primed beforehand.

AZ plus delivers up to 5 years lasting protection on wood. For optimum results it should be used as a finish coat, once surfaces have been primed with Rubbol Primer plus.

To learn more about AZ plus, why not watch our short video or click the product link below.

Sikkens AZ plus


Wide colour choice

There is no need to play safe with colour when using Rubbol AZ plus. All Rubbol exterior opaques provide outstanding colour choice. The 4041 Colour Concept offers a total of 1624 colours and that is just the start. You can also choose from a wide selection of BS, RAL and NCS shades.