Choosing colour or design support

There’s so much more to a school environment than visual appeal. With the right planning and execution, yours can help teachers and pupils thrive. However, unlocking this potential can be a challenge - after all, experts in education aren’t necessarily experts in design! To help, we’ve identified seven cost-effective areas where our services can lighten your load.

Things your school environment should have

  1. A consistent visual identity so every person who steps inside it knows and feels part of the community.
  2. Complete room solutions - including colour, furniture and lighting all to match the specific teaching and learning needs of your classrooms and spaces.
  3. The optimum level of visual stimulation - helping learners to focus on the right areas with smart use of colour and design.
  4. Zoning within your classrooms, distinguished by the smart use of colour to support different learning needs.
  5. Smart and easy wayfinding to help children move around your school, especially those with specific special educational needs and disabilities.
  6. Design references to the natural world to bring a sense of the outside, inside - especially important in schools in urban areas.
  7. The best, most durable products to ensure that your school design is inspiring and enduring.