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What sort of paint is sustainable?

In terms of reducing environmental impact, there are a number of paints that provide sustainable solutions.

Water based paints

We believe in a water based future and offer a wide range of water- based paints. Because of their lower VOCs compared to traditional solvent-based products, they have a significantly lower environmental impact.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Paints that are long-lasting and require fewer coats to achieve a high quality finish such as our Diamond Range reduce the amount of painting undertaken during the lifetime of a building. Therefore, maintenance cycles need to be completed less frequently.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Paints that save energy and make areas feel lighter and brighter such as our Light and Space range helps to make rooms feel bigger, lighter,brighter, and even saves energy. Light & Space uses groundbreaking Lumitec paint technology which is more reflective of natural and artificial light, resulting in measurable energy savings while giving rooms an improved ambience.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Paints that promote health and well-being such as our Sterishield range represents a revolutionary stepchange in hygiene coatings, containing active in-film bactericides which inhibit the growth of bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Paints that inhibit the spread of flames such as our Pyroshield range of flame retardant coatings. Their special water-based formulations inhibit the spread of flame on previously painted walls and ceilings.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Professional quality paint with low embodied carbon such as our Ecosure range have water-based formulations with demonstrably lower levels of embodied carbon and minimal VOC content. Ecosure offers a high opacity, professional quality, low embodied carbon solution.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

Coatings that are designed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of your wood such as our Woodstain product. It has a lower environmental footprint due to being low in VOCs, is quick-drying, and offers great durability - up to 6 years protection.

New what sort of paint is sustainable?

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