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General FAQs

What is the difference between Eggshell and Quick Drying Eggshell?

Quick Drying Eggshell is water-based, quick drying and has a low odour. It also stays whiter longer. Eggshell is a traditional solvent-based product that is resistant to mild chemical attack, however can discolour as they age. Essentially, both products are recommended for the same areas of use such as broad walls.

Can I put water-based Dulux Trade Quick Drying Eggshell over solvent-based Dulux Trade Eggshell?

Dulux Trade Diamond Quick Drying Eggshell can go over most solvent-based paints as it is adhesion promoted. As long as the previous coating is thoroughly cleaned down and abraded well, you can apply two coats of the Diamond Eggshell straight on top.

Where building boards have previously been painted the actual substrate becomes less important in that you are specifying painting recommendations for an existing paint coating (e.g. Gloss or Emulsion) not the board itself and it is the compatibility of the paint coatings which becomes the important issue. Surfaces that have previously been painted with conventional decorative solvent-based paints such as gloss or eggshell should not be repainted with normal emulsion paints particularly in areas subject to frequent or heavy condensation. The exception to this rule are the quick drying water-based gloss and eggshell paints as they are formulated using a unique adhesion promoted latex which enables them to adhere well to this type of surface.

Emulsion paint may be overcoated with a conventional decorative solvent-based system such as gloss or eggshell if it is considered necessary for improved durability. When specifying solvent-based paints for use on large surface areas inside or in small confined spaces inside the wearing of air supplied breathing equipment by the decorator will normally be necessary in order to comply with a COSHH Assessment as required under the Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health Regulations 1994.

Does Dulux Trade Aquatech Gloss discolour like solvent-based Trade High Gloss?

No, because it's based on Alkyd Emulsion, Dulux Trade Aquatech Gloss yellows at a much slower rate than a standard gloss.

Dulux Trade products are now available in BIM format

Dulux Trade paints and woodcare products can now be seamlessly added to your BIM models as BIM objects - and the process couldn't be simpler. Click the button below to go to the NBS National BIM Library, pick your chosen Dulux Trade product and click the button to download it as a BIM object.

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