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Water based products

We believe in a low-VOC, water-based future because it is better for you, your clients and our world.

What are VOCs?

VOCs are volatile organic compounds. They are a type of chemical found in the solvents used in many household products, such as aerosols, cleaning products, cosmetics and paint. VOCs have been a key ingredient in these products for decades and their purpose is to improve flow and help give a smooth, long-lasting finish.

How are VOCs harmful?

There are a number of ways that VOCs are thought to be harmful to painters and our world Health concerns for painters There have been reports of potential health concerns when using products containing high VOCs indoors over long periods of time. There is still debate about this, since the evidence is not conclusive, but it is important that painters are aware of potential concerns. Poor air quality VOCs react with other chemicals in the atmosphere, such as those found in exhaust fumes. Combined with sunlight, this then leads to smog, which can contribute to reducing air quality in cities and other built up areas. Impact on global warming It has also been found that VOCs in the atmosphere directly contribute to global warming. Therefore, reducing them in paints helps our efforts to slow down climate change.

Why are water-based products better?

Water-based products use water as a main liquid ingredient rather than solvents. That means they have a lower level of VOCs, making them a better choice for your working environment, the client's living space, and the planet. It is our vision to help all painters make this choice for themselves and create a future that is water-based. 1.They're lower odour than solvent-based paints, which means a more pleasant workspace for you and living environment for your clients. 2. Their low or non-yellowing finish give high-quality results that will last for even longer. 3. They have a faster drying time than solvent-based equivalents allowing you to overcoat sooner, often in the same day. 4. They’re easy to wash off brushes and equipment, so you have the convenience of cleaning up with water.

What can you do?

You can play your part by choosing water-based products for jobs whenever possible. This is especially important when painting wood or trim as this paint tends to include the highest levels of VOCs. Advances in technology mean that these paints can deliver a professional quality finish that look as good, and last as long, as their solvent-based counterparts.