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Assembling Your Project Team

Assembling Your Project Team

It’s vital to engage members of the school community in your project. After all, no one’s more familiar with your school environment than those using it every day. Not only will this inclusive approach be more fun for everyone, it will also lead to more ideas and a better end result. That said, it’s important to strike the balance between inclusiveness and decisiveness - too many people could grind decision making to a halt. When assembling your team, here are a few things to consider.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Engaging Decision Makers

    To facilitate the process, ask representatives from key decision makers to join the team.

  2. Assembling Stakeholders

    These will be determined by the scope of your project and the spaces you have chosen. If you’re redecorating a few classrooms, your team can be quite small, with a handful of learners, a teacher, headteacher and business manager. However, if you’re redesigning your reception or another public area, consider involving other staff and parents.

  3. Identifying Key Skills Required

    Enthusiasm and cooperation are essential for your team - but so too are particular skills such as organisation and focus. Balance those who offer more creative thinking with others who are more functionally-minded with a focus on delivery. This way, your design ideas will be both innovative and feasible!

  4. Building your Team

    Ask people to volunteer to be part of the team or, if demand is high, encourage them to pitch for a place. For those who miss out, consider setting up a judging panel charged with giving feedback on the team’s ideas.

  5. Assigning a Project Champion

    To give your team focus, you’ll need a project champion - someone who’s willing to run the project, plan workshops, and generate enthusiasm. Your champion could be an older pupil, teacher or other member of staff - what matters isn’t their position, but their passion!

How our services can support your project

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