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Choosing the best products for your spaces

Whether you’re painting a corridor, a classroom or school exterior, our products have the range, durability and consistent quality to meet your requirements. Browse this page to find the paints that are right for you.

What’s more, if you open a Dulux Schools Account, you can have access to products at your local Dulux Decorator Centre at a discounted price all year round.


Diamond Matt Light & Space & Vinyl Matt

For walls, Diamond Matt reflects up to twice as much light with its revolutionary Lumitec Technology. That will give your classroom a more airy, spacious look and feel. Plus it’s stain-resistant, repelling those everyday marks and scuffs that are part and parcel of school life. For ceilings, Vinyl Matt is a high opacity emulsion that guarantees excellent coverage and application.

Corridors & Hallways

Diamond High Performance Eggshell & Vinyl Matt

For walls, Diamond High Performance Eggshell is five times tougher and 43% more scuff-resistant than standard Dulux Trade paint. It’s also ideal for high-traffic areas that have to stand plenty of knocks from school bags. For ceilings, Vinyl Matt is the perfect high opacity emulsion, offering top coverage, application and durability.


Sterishield Diamond Matt

This quick-drying, water-based coat is durable and scrubbable - so perfect for your toilets. Crucially it also delivers a more hygienic finish, reducing the threat of bacteria, MRSA and E.coli.


Diamond Matt

Ten times tougher than Vinyl Matt, this water-based emulsion isn’t just tough and durable - it also has stain-repellent technology to help you deal with those everyday kitchen spills.

Science Labs

Pyroshield Durable Matt

This smooth, water-based finish is highly durable and flame retardant, upgrading the fire classification of your school.

Common Rooms & Assembly Halls

Diamond Matt & Vinyl Matt

Communal rooms and spaces are hives of activities. Your paints need to be able to cope with the extra traffic. For walls, Diamond Matt is a tough, water-based emulsion, with stain- and scuff-resistance. For ceilings, our high opacity Vinyl Matt emulsion, with durability and excellent coverage, is ideal.

Exterior Walls

Weathershield Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry

This tough paint guarantees durability and protection, even in harsh conditions. Plus it’s shower resistant within 15 minutes of application, contains fungicide to stop mould, and is five times more flexible than traditional masonry paints to prevent cracking and flaking. The outside of your school is also its public face. That’s why it’s vital that it is well-maintained.

Exterior Windows & Doors

Weathershield Exterior Satin

This water-based, mind-sheen finish is designed to give long-lasting protection for exterior wood. It also contains fungicide to stop mould. It provides up to 6-years protection - saving you time and money in the long run.

Exterior Walkways

Anti-Graffiti Clearcoat

This water-based paint is perfect for applying over existing surfaces - in the event, for example, of a graffiti incident. It dries to a tough gloss finish that has good impact and abrasive properties, protecting your walls from future incidents.

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