Before you start your project, it’s essential to know why you’re doing it. That’s why your first job should be to set your goals. Which spaces do you have scope to decorate? What do you want to achieve in your spaces? Do you want your redesign to influence specific teaching and learning behaviours? Clear answers to these questions will give a strong foundation to your project.


How to use your environment to influence specific behaviours

Using the Ofsted criteria as a starting point, we identified five areas of focus where we have seen how the design of the environment can support teaching and learning. These are environments that:

From creating an oasis of calm to building engaging classroom displays, there are a range of ways to make simple additions to your learning environment which can make a huge difference to learning outcomes.


How to optimise specific spaces

Each space has a specific function within your school and we’ve developed a number of suggestions, based on real life examples, for how you could optimise the following: