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Welcome to part three of the Smarter Spaces 'How to' series, bringing you a range of top tips on how you can make simple additions to your learning environment, which can make a huge difference to your learners. In this third guide, we'll be sharing top tips on how you can make classroom decorations from things you can find around the house or in your stationary cupboard.

Hafod School Science Lab

Keep an eye on your targets

Hanging bunting is a brilliant way to add a touch of colour to your classroom and can be made by cutting triangle templates out of old sheets, clothes, or even wrapping paper! Personalise each piece by asking your learners to write a goal that they want to achieve by the end of the year on them, then hang them across your classroom using string and craft pegs. When your learner achieves their goal, they can take their piece of bunting down and replace it with a new target!

That's a wrap!

If you're bored of drab-coloured desks or filing cabinets and want a cheap and easy fix, cover them with spare pieces of patterned wrapping paper to brighten up your classroom and make them more eye catching.

Learn about your learners

Introduce your learners to classroom visitors by creating a display with pictures of learners holding up fun and interesting facts about themselves.

Make your door a gateway to inspiration

Decorate your door by drawing designs on spare backing paper you may have from your display boards and colour them in with paint to instantly transform the door to your classroom into a gateway to inspiration.

The sky is the limit with these decorated ceiling tiles

Communal areas can be instantly transformed by painting ceiling tiles. Make it into a competition by asking all of the pupils in the school to submit designs and allow the winners to paint a ceiling tile in your study room or common room.

Give your learners some star power

Encourage your learners to take part in some positive self-reflection by cutting out star templates and asking them to write down one reason why they are a star. Display them in your classroom to encourage positive reinforcement amongst your learners.

Make a stellar mobile solar system

Use round paper lanterns or Styrofoam balls to teach your pupils about the solar system and create hanging decorations for your classroom. Teach them about the different planets, split them into groups and ask them to create models of the different planets in the solar system.

Make some Truffula flower pom-poms using tissue paper

While they make look complicated to make, this tutorial shows how you can make some pretty and colourful hanging decorations in just a matter of minutes. All you need is some tissue paper, string and scissors!

Paint a cabinet with whiteboard or chalkboard paint

Why not cover a blank wall or a plain cupboard with a lick of Dulux's writeable surfaces paint and allow your learners to design a mural every week? With our Schools Account, this doesn't have to cost the earth. Click here to find out more!

Make your own stained glass window

Why not follow an RE or history lesson with a stained glass making session using tissue paper? The exercise encourages learners to conduct their own research into different famous stained glass window patterns, as well as allowing them to creatively redecorate the classroom.

Stay tuned for more top tips as next week we'll reveal how to create a classroom display of creativity.