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A decorating contractor has praised Dulux Trade SmartShield+ after they were able to transform the exterior of a block of flats with the new product.

Exterior Flat

A decorating contractor has praised Dulux Trade SmartShield+ after they were able to transform the exterior of a block of flats with the new product. The residential building in Loughton, Essex, had been suffering with the effects of water ingress and pollution over the years which has damaged both the exterior of the building as well as leaking inside. Cracks had appeared to the render of the building causing the water to leak into the fabric of the building. Contractor Armour Hart Group Ltd were tasked by The Square’s management firm Moat Homes with maintaining the cyclical decorations and associated repairs to the building and on identification of the issues consulted with partners Dulux Trade.

Exterior Flat

Following an inspection from Dulux Trade the contractors agreed to use a specification containing Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ Exterior Clearcoat on the stonework to deliver the job. The first task was the cleaning and repair of the render and decorative edging after they had become infested with moss and lichen and this was adding to water ingress throughout the building. Both areas were cleaned and repaired before the waterproofing coating of SmartShield+ was applied to the decorative stone work throughout the property. Due to the specially formulated Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ the substrate was able to breathe and dry out after the repairs and coating had been completed. The pediment detail to the front of the building had also picked up grime over the years - and had been saturated during bad-weather and so repairs and cleaning of this area was also performed.


Dulux Trade carried out inspections throughout the process and all of the cracks were repaired, sealed, coated and then painted to bring the whole building back to life. Armour Hart Group Ltd made the final checks to make sure the coating was waterproof - and were happy to report Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ passed the test. Phil Long at Armour Hart Group said; “Dulux Trade has supported us throughout this project so we were able to provide the best maintenance job possible to our clients. “Years of water damage was really starting to affect the building both aesthetically and physically - so it was important we targeted it properly. Cleaning the areas first really revealed the extent of the damage. It was so valuable to us to be able to use SmartShield+ as a coating - and then carry on working on other areas while it dried and sealed the exterior of the building.” Steve Plowman, Technical Support Manager at Dulux Trade said: “We’re glad we have been able to see this project through with Armour Hart and had such great feedback from them on how the product is working. SmartShield+ is a great product that really stands the test of time.” For more information, visit: