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Colour of the Year

Discover the 2019 Colour of the Year

Earlier this month, Dulux announced their Colour of the Year for 2019, supported by four brand-new colour palettes. Spiced Honey was chosen as the 2019 Colour of the Year by a global expert panel. Spiced Honey is a warm amber tone, and the four complimentary palettes capture the theme of 'let the light in', reflecting the renewed feeling of optimism and energy as we head towards a new year.

Led by Creative Director Heleen van Gent, the panel continuously monitors social, cultural and design trends as they emerge all over the globe. By connecting these unique insights to everyday life, the team provides informed trend direction.

Heleen says: "When you look at how our ColourFutures™ palettes have evolved over the years, you can chart the fluctuations in our consumers' appetite for different colours and spot connections with what is going on in the wider world. For example, in 2017, when our consumers felt a need for balance and calm, the palette was dominated by cooler shades of blue and grey. While in 2018, there was a great sense of uncertainty that was reflected in a desire for warm, comforting colours that provided our consumers with solace and refuge. "For 2019, Spiced Honey is the stand-out shade that perfectly captures the mood of the moment, developed for our customers' sense of awakening and new fresh mood."

Find out more about the global panel and the thinking behind the Colour of the Year in this video.

Why is the Colour of the Year important to Contract Direct?

The 2019 Colour of the Year and palettes are designed to help you to make on-trend colour and design choices for a wide variety of commercial projects.

Spiced Honey can be both calming and nourishing or stimulating and energising, depending on the palettes and light surrounding it. The contemporary hue is versatile and lends itself to a broad spectrum of life and interior styles - perfect for reflecting the awakening within society.

Along with Spiced Honey comes a set of new Dulux ColourFutures™ 2019 palettes to inspire and transform spaces.

  • Think - uses warm neutrals and honey tones that are positive but calm. The gentle honey tones of this palette help buildings to offer calmness to their surroundings. The earthy nature of these shades is balanced with ochre and blue, for buildings that need to exude a quiet warmth and civility.

  • Love - creates spaces that bring people together. The deep reds are stimulating and lively, and overall the rich hues give a sense of warmth without feeling heavy or overbearing. Consider it for anywhere that people live or come together to socialise.

  • Act - a palette to create dynamic spaces. The colours are loaded with energy, to encourage movement around the built environment. It is for spaces that need to energise their occupants and encourage them to have a positive, "why not?" attitude.

  • Dream - creates spaces that are more soothing. The palette works anywhere that you need to encourage imagination and focus, working on the relaxing properties of pale blues. Consider it for workspaces and anywhere that demands creative thinking and productivity.

See how ColourFutures™ 2019 can inspire and transform spaces in your ColourFutures™ guide.