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How to address the your customer’s safety concerns after lockdown

In the last couple of months, regular business is returning to normal in most cases, but because Coronavirus is still here, many customers have reservations about allowing tradespeople back into the homes. To help professionals better prepare for work at the back part of the year, Dulux surveyed more than 2,000 UK households to find how the public feel about opening their doors to decorators again, so you know what measures they expect to be taken.


Are customers comfortable allowing you back?

The good news is that the majority of people are happy to welcome decorators back into the homes. The results of our survey showed the following:

  • 68% told us they are now happy to allow trades people into their houses
  • 22% said they wouldn't be comfortable doing so till next year
  • Only 4% told us they would be until after 2021

However, the vast majority of homeowners will only be happy to do it if the decorator takes the necessary safety measures.

  • 60% want their decorators to wear protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, while they are working in their houses
  • Over half (55%) told us they expect decorators to keep a two metre distance from them at all times
  • 2 out of 5 told us they will go a step further and make sure they keep to separate rooms
  • Other changes to the way customer behaviour around decorators in their homes include keeping windows open and not offering a cup of tea

Less than one in five (19.5%) told us they weren’t going to take any extra safety measure for allowing workers to visit their house.


How to best address your customers safety concerns?

It’s vital you take all the necessary measures and precautions to ensure your customer feels comfortable with having you in your home and ensuring yours and their safety.

Take the time in advance of arriving at your customer’s property and let them know about your new practices. This should include:

  • Maintaining a safe distance from them at all times
  • Sanitising your hands regularly
  • Wearing appropriate PPE such as gloves and masks
  • How you will be responsible for bringing your own soap, paper towels and hand sanitiser, as well as a thermos of tea if that’s what you drink.

Be understanding of their individual circumstances and accommodate any extra precautions they would like you to take.

As a tradesperson, health and safety management and risk assessment has long been a vital part of your job. The new dangers associated with Coronavirus fall into this. For all tasks in a customers' home, you are responsible for carrying them out while maintaining social distance and following strict possible hygiene procedures. Going forward, this must become just another part of your health and safety practices for the foreseeable future.

How quickly and effectively you communicate these changes will impact your customers' satisfaction and ultimately affect your ability to take on work.

For more information on minimising risk on site visit our resource hub:

Download our easy to use workplace signage to reassure customers you’re working safely.