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What clients need to know about you


Great first impressions are important, but it can be tempting to tell potential customers too much too soon. This 5-point checklist is our guide to what to share and when

You’re an expert

At your first meeting with a new client, share your areas of expertise, how long you have worked in the industry and any contacts with specialist skills who you can call on. Don’t assume a client is aware of your full range of skills. And the more relevant the experience the better: if you’ve done work on their street or building before, or on a similar style of home, let them know.


You’re professional

Accreditation gives new clients confidence, and also offers you support and protection. Mention any relevant memberships, along with any insurance and professional guarantees that might give them extra confidence.


You’re straightforward

Painting and decorating can be disruptive. Be up front about this, but also tell clients how you work: do you pack up at the end of each day, or clear everything off the site? If they know how you work (and who with), it makes it easier to imagine having you work in their home.


You’re inspiring

People connect with stories, so find ways for your business to tell them. It could be through before-and-after images of previous jobs, examples of the different paint finishes and styles you can do, or testimonials from satisfied clients. So make good use of your showcase. Potential new clients want to know you will be as excited about the possibilities for the space as they are.


You’re contactable

If you’re easy to find and have an online presence, it reassures clients that yours is a long-term business. Direct them to your website, if you have one, or social media accounts. Have a physical address on any business cards along with your phone numbers and social media accounts.


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