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Coronavirus and your business

Future-proofing your business during the Coronavirus lockdown

Clients Work

Just because you’re not on site at the moment doesn’t mean there’s no work you can be doing.

Just because you’re not on site at the moment doesn’t mean there’s no work you can be doing. You can turn your attention to those jobs you've previously been too busy for, so you can hit the ground running when you’re back out decorating.


Below are a few things that you can be doing right now, so when regular life resumes, you can pick up in the best possible position.


Check in with customers



Having a great relationship with past clients could be the key to winning jobs quickly further down the line. Regular customers are sure to be happy to receive a text, simply checking in to make sure they’re alright at the moment. A few messages could go a long way to making sure you're top of mind for their next project. If they’re thinking about a job, you could get it booked for later in the year so you’re ready to go. 


It’s also a good idea to keep in contact with customers you had to recently cancel work for. They will appreciate that you are still thinking about their job and making plans to deliver their work as soon as you can.


Revamp your van



A clean and tidy van portrays you as a professional and showcases your high standards.


This is the perfect time to give your van some TLC. Not only does this mean giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out but taking the time to reorganise everything for maximum efficiency. Perform a stock check and inspection of all your equipment to ensure it is in the best condition and you will have everything you need to resume work when the time is right.


Installing shelves for everything at the back of the van for better storage will make your life much easier on the job later on.


Leftover materials you find could also be used now to practice skills and improve. Like every skill, you need to make sure you are still exercising it as much as possible. When you are back working, you want to be at the top of your game. Spend this time wisely you might even have a few new skills you can bring to the job.


Get ahead on paperwork



Paperwork can feel hard work, but if you get it sorted now you can get ahead later in the year.


Why not update your client agreements, so you're covered so all future jobs run smoothly when everything is back up and running. A clear client agreement can save you hours of unpaid work and arguments with difficult customers. We’ve put together our top tips for writing this which you can read here.


The new tax year started on the 5th of April, which means this is the perfect time to get an early start on your 2019/2020 self-assessment tax return, or send the relevant information to your accountant for them to do this for you. It’s always best to work on this while everything is still fresh in your mind, rather than wait to the last minute in October. Once it’s done, not only will it be a big weight off your mind, it will enable you to budget appropriately for the rest of the year.



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