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Learning more about BIM

Learning more about BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become popular across the construction industry in recent years as a way to make choosing products for building projects as straightforward as possible. We spoke to Duncan Lochhead, Commercial Marketing Manager at Dulux Trade, to find out what it's all about.

What exactly is BIM and what does it do?

BIM uses 3D computer models to help architects and building contractors understand how their building projects and the materials used in them, like paints, will perform once they are finished.

How can architects and building designers input the information?

Manufacturers offer information about their products in digital files known as BIM objects, which can be opened and incorporated into the BIM model using computer aided design (CAD) software. Every organisation involved in the project can then use this to build up a detailed picture of how the finished building will look and perform.

What products are available in the format?

Data for all Dulux Trade coatings is available as BIM objects, allowing contractors to understand how their chosen paints will perform in-situ.

The BIM objects for Dulux Trade paints can be used alongside our Digital Colour Palette Plug In well, which lets building designers add colours to their 3D model, helping them to create entire decorative schemes before any work starts on site.

Why has BIM become so widespread in recent years?

BIM has grown so popular because it helps architects and building contractors understand how their chosen materials are going to work before they use them. On completion of the project, the BIM model continues to be a hugely useful resource for the building user as it provides a record of all the building materials used that those involved in the maintenance of the building can utilise throughout its life. Overall BIM makes it easier and more efficient to build and maintain a property, saving time and money.

Where can we find BIM data?

All BIM objects, including those for Dulux Trade paints, can be downloaded for free from the NBS National BIM Library databank.

You can also find the files for Dulux Trade products on the Dulux Trade Paint Expert website.

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