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Dulux Design Service for Commercial Projects

Helen Shorter


With the launch of the Dulux Design Service for Commercial Projects, your business can change for the better. Design Services Marketing Manager Helen Shorter explains how the service can help unlock the potential of your working or living space, and the people or organisations who use it.

How can the Dulux Design Service for Commercial Projects help organisations to improve their spaces?

We've done a lot of work on how we can help organisations make the most of their living and working spaces. Our aim is to change the mind set about redecorating, to take it away from basic maintenance to inspiring building transformation! We want businesses to see that the end result of a refurbishment will make the investment really worthwhile.

We know that colour contributes to a space by enhancing the how it looks. It makes people feel better and has a huge impact on ambience. We also know that design input can transform how the space works, i.e. the light, the flow, the function and the ergonomics of the space. Therefore, by offering both colour and design services we can fully enable the delivery of beautiful living and working spaces, by making them beautiful to look at and in how they work.

What was the reason for creating the design service?

It's very much about trying to bring a broader service to our customers and helping them unlock the potential of their working and living spaces. We have helped customers with colour services for many years, and now we can help them with design, through form and function, lighting, flooring and the other elements of the space so they can convert their space into something that really makes the most of the asset.

There are some sectors that really understand the need for a well-designed space, for example, hospitality. They know that the look and feel of a space is really important, that it's vital to have a welcoming environment that is beautifully designed, comfortable and reflects the brand of the business. But other sectors haven't really recognised how important this is - offices are one example. Some offices are well designed, but the majority of them are really functional spaces where you go to work and go home again. But actually, if you make it a better environment for your employees, they will be happier, work harder and deliver more. There are many aspects of the design of a building that can help the efficiency of the working environment. Also, through our colour service we've done a lot of work in healthcare, particularly dementia services, using colour to help people navigate spaces. Hospitals are often approached very functionally and design can be an after-thought, rather than thinking about how the space can be made more comfortable for people to use and recover in. Education is also an area which has been neglected from a design and colour point of view but it could really benefit from a service like ours.

Do you need any design experience to use Dulux's Design Service for Commercial Projects?

If you are a building owner or company that hasn't had much experience in colour or design, but want to make a difference for the people in your building, we can absolutely work with you to transform your building. We can help with all kinds of shapes and sizes of projects, with any budget.

Who is this service for?

All companies or institutions with buildings or offices, from banks to care homes, and from property developers to self-builds. Getting a designer in early on in the planning can make a huge difference to the end result. We've been involved in designing hotels and even an opera house. We have designers with specialisms across all sectors and we try to never say no!

What about finishing touches, like furniture and lighting?

We provide a full interior design service, including product sourcing, space planning, and project management. If there are restrictions, we can work around them. At a care home for example, the flooring might be relatively new but we can change the furniture, lighting, wallpaper and other elements of it to modernise the space. We work to the client's brief to understand what they want the space to achieve.

What qualifications do the designers who work on the project have?

Our experts are commercial design professionals. They have a good sector-specific experience in commercial design and we give them Dulux training on top of that. We make sure what they deliver is of the highest quality.

For further information on the Dulux Design Service for Commercial Projects visit webpage

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