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4 Tools for Colour Confidence

4 Tools For Colour Confidence

While some of your customers will have a clear idea of what they want when it comes to colour, others might not be so sure. And who will they look to for trusted advice? Well, you of course. We've made it easier than ever to help you support them with their decision making process with our suite of colour tools. Here we explore four ways to guide them to a decision they're confident with.

1. Dulux Trade Paint Expert app for Professional Decorators

The Dulux Trade Paint Expert app for Professional Decorators can be used to support your customer all the way through their project. Download it onto your smartphone or tablet and make it a part of your day-to-day tool kit; use it for customer consultations, specifying finishes and different products in a professional way.

You can also suggest that your customer downloads the consumer version of the app, the Dulux Visualizer, so that they can finalise colour choices on their own, but armed with Dulux expertise. Both apps can help guide your customer in the following ways:

Discovering schemes and room ideas on the app's inspiration gallery

Finding colours to match existing items such as sofas, wallpaper or curtains by using the colour matching function.

Finding coordinating colours by using the app's suggested ready-made schemes.

Helping to narrow down final colour choices by showing how colours will look in a room with the visualizer tool.

Once your customer is happy with their choice, use the Dulux Trade Paint Expert app to confirm that the chosen colour is available in store in the specific product desired, so not a moment of your time is wasted.

2. Professional Colour Guide

The Professional Colour Guide is designed for you to work together with homeowners, helping them explore their colour options and using your professional experience to explain the benefits of Dulux Trade products. The guide offers the majority of the ready-mixed colours your customer may have seen in store or online, so you can reassure them they can have the colour they want with all the added features and quality of the professional Dulux Trade products.

It also offers a wider range of colour with additional on-trend shades exclusive to Dulux Trade products.

The colour guide features larger colour chips, with more accurate 'deposited' colour, to help with choosing a shade.

The colour section can be pulled out of the centre of booklet, making it easier to fold and compare colours, with fabrics or other colours and materials.

The guide provides additional inspiration and ideas thanks to room set photography with suggested colour schemes, plus Dulux's Colour of the Year, also with coordinating colour suggestions.

Product pages explain the benefits of key Dulux Trade products in a simple and informative way, supporting your professional recommendations.

3. Heritage Colour Card

Heritage is our range of classic colours, hand-picked by our designers to enhance beautiful homes of all periods and available in a wide range of Dulux Trade paints. It's also exclusive to Dulux Trade and is not available in DIY stores.

It now has an updated colour offering with 112 beautiful shades, including an extended range of sophisticated neutrals and greys, reflecting the growing popularity of these hues with homeowners.

To help find the perfect shade and scheme, each colour area is arranged into pale, mid, and deep tones, with an explanation on how each group of tones can be used to make a room feel.

To make it even easier to pick a coherent colour scheme, each spectrum features a specially selected white that will coordinate with any of the tones featured in the same column, which is especially helpful for selecting shades for trim and ceilings. You can also point your customer to the app to find a wider range of coordinating shades.

4. Colour Sampler (250ml testers)

Professionals will know that the same colour can look very different in different rooms, in different light and even on different surfaces. Help your client to be as informed as they can be in their colour choice and recommend they physically try the colours where they will be used. It might take a little extra time, but if it means the client has a clearer idea of what the colour will look like in the room, it reduces the risk of having to repaint when the client is surprised by the final result.

All colours (except Light + Space) can be purchased as 250ml samplers from local colour mixing stores, and many colours can even be ordered by your client direct from the dulux.co.uk website if they prefer.

One tip to share with clients who are considering darker colours is that the impact they have when covering a very small area can be quite different from the full wall, so be sure to use the full extent of the sampler when testing a bold colour.

Download the Dulux Trade Paint Expert app for Professional Decorators for free.

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