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4 Products for Your Next Bathroom Job

4 products for bathroom jobs

Bathrooms are notoriously demanding environments where coatings are concerned, so you'll need to use products that stand up to tough conditions, such as moisture, humidity and high traffic. Stick to these Dulux Trade products for a finish that'll perform brilliantly and will look great too.


Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell or Diamond Matt

Silk and soft sheen are often chosen for bathrooms because they have higher vinyl content and water runs off. They can, however, trap moisture beneath the coating film, leading to blistering or peeling. Lower sheen Diamond Eggshell and Diamond Matt are less likely to peel and blister. Plus, their formulation also means they are stain resistant and washable so can withstand daily wear and tear.


Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss or Dulux Satinwood

Bathrooms and shower rooms tend to be poorly lit, and the lack of natural light speeds up the ageing process of oil-based paints. Not only will water-borne coatings retain their colour better (as oil-based paints tend to yellow), but they're quick drying and low odour, meaning the bathroom can be returned to normal use much sooner. Quick-dry trim products are also available in a choice of satin or gloss finish to suit all tastes.

Top tips for application

Water-borne coatings can be applied to bathroom surfaces in the normal way, but there are a few important things to remember. Bathrooms are not always well ventilated and therefore tend to be quite damp and humid. This can lead to the following problems:

  1. Mould or mildew. This must be dealt with before coatings are applied, preferably with a fungicidal wash, otherwise regrowth will occur under the new coating and spoil the finish.

  2. Even if there is no mould or mildew, there are likely to be surface contaminants such as dirt, soap scum deposits, and limescale from splashes. While it is standard practice to wash grease from surfaces in kitchens, general cleaning is often forgotten in bathrooms.

  3. High humidity slows the drying rate of coatings. Make sure the surfaces are dry and the room is well ventilated during application and drying.

Find out more about Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell and Dulux Trade Diamond Matt.

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