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We are on a mission to deliver Colour Excellence

At Dulux we understand how important colour is to you and your clients, and the transformative power the right colour has on lives and environments. We are committed to aiming high and improving the way Dulux colour is delivered. Listening to you, our customers, has enabled us to challenge ourselves to be better at each stage of the colour journey and the end result is the Dulux Colour Excellence Programme, delivering an unrivalled colour experience.

In the first phase of the Dulux Colour Excellence rollout we have invested in advanced and exclusive technology in our base paints, tinting recipes and colour system. The new tinting machine software update (W55) will deliver the following benefits to Contract Direct customers:

  • Increased colour accuracy & consistency across colours and products, as part of a phased implementation between 2018 and 2020
  • Maximised colour availability across product ranges, delivering more colours than ever before

Colour Excellence

REMINDER: As a result, the availability of some colours in 10L pack sizes may vary and some recipes in our tinting machines will change.

Our Dulux representatives are managing the updates at a local level to ensure the changes are managed correctly. When you or your operatives buy tinted paint, they will be asked whether they need it for a new project or to finish an ongoing project. If you have an ongoing project, a historical recipe will be available to ensure you get the same colour. It is that simple, but please remember this when you are placing your order with your merchant.

Other useful tips

Use the same store: Always purchase the tinted paint for a job from the same store, mixed on the same machine and using the same batch (your merchant should help you with this).

Base changes: To ensure optimal accuracy some colours are now delivered in different bases.

Samplers: Some sampler colours will only be available in a 1L to ensure accuracy.

Diamond Matt availability: Some Extra Deep colours are not available in Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and Dulux Trade Sterishield Matt. As an alternative where the colour is critical to the project, Dulux Trade Durable Flat Matt, Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell or Diamond Sterishield Eggshell can be used instead.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact your Dulux Representative.

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