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Under the microscope

Under the microscope

Antibacterial paints are widely used in hospitals and healthcare facilities, however these specialist coatings can deliver a variety of benefits in other settings, such as nursing homes, food preparation areas and schools. Chris Watts, Brand Manager for Specialist Products at Dulux Trade, gives decorators an overview of the science behind antibacterial paints and their wider applications.

Antibacterial coatings - or antimicrobial paints as they are sometimes known - have been used successfully in hospitals for a number of years to protect against the spread of superbugs such as MRSA. Bacteria such as these can be spread in many ways, including door handles and medical instruments, but a common route is via walls.

All tests were carried out by an independent laboratory using a novel procedure based on the Japanese Industrial Standard 'Test for Anti-microbial Activity and Efficacy' (JIS Z 2801: 2000). The novelty lies in the development of a 'real life' test procedure created to assess how long bacteria can survive on a paint film surface under ambient temperature and humidity conditions (20C and 65% RH) for 24 hours.

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