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The right solutions to keep wood looking good

The right solutions to keep wood looking good

Choosing the right product for the job can sometimes be a challenge. With this in mind, Richard Bradley, Trade Marketing Manager for Dulux Trade Woodcare, outlines the best solution for common challenges and customer requests.

Q: "I'm getting more and more requests to create a 'natural wood' look. What product will help me achieve this finish and still provide good protection?"

A: "The Dulux Trade Weathershield Naked Wood system helps appliers achieve the popular natural wood look, while delivering excellent protection from greying. The system uses a combination of UV absorbers and the latest polyurethane technology to provide a flexible, clear yet durable, protective coating. Applying Dulux Trade Weathershield Naked Wood Basecoat first is always recommended, particularly in exterior applications as it protects against blue stain, rot and UV rays that contribute to the greying process.

"Apply one coat of the basecoat and allow to dry fully before applying three coats of Dulux Trade Weathershield Naked Wood. This will protect the natural beauty of the wood for up to four years."

Q: "I need a woodstain that will dry quickly, as I need to get jobs completed as fast as possible. What would you recommend?"

A: "A great product for speeding up the coating process is Dulux Trade Weathershield Aquatech Woodstain. As it is a water-based coating, it is quick drying - in fact, it dries within an hour and is recoatable in two hours - yet has the flexibility and durability traditionally associated with a solvent-based product, offering protection for up to six years."

"Before applying Dulux Trade Weathershield Aquatech Woodstain, make sure mould, algae and moss have been removed using Dulux Trade Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash."

Q: "Can you suggest a product that gives ultra long-term protection for wood, specially created for properties based on the coast?"

A: "For surfaces that are regularly exposed to environments with harsh weather conditions such as coastal properties, it's important to choose an external coating that is flexible. This is because it needs to be resistant to the cracking and flaking that occurs when wood expands and contracts as conditions change. Dulux Trade Weathershield Advanced Protection Woodstain is ideal for these types of surfaces, providing protection for up to six years."

For more information on the Dulux Trade Woodcare portfolio, including application tips, drying times and general woodcare treatment advice, visit www.duluxtrade.com

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