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Outlook Remains Positive For Paint Sales

After years in the trade, it can be easy to favour a particular paint product. However, it?s important for us, as professionals, to make sure we consider each project individually and use the right product for the job at hand.

For example, if the customer has only given you a very short space of time to redecorate their living room, you shouldn't always opt for a standard two-coat paint for the job, just because that is what you are used to. You might want to consider a quick-drying product or one that only needs one coat.

If you're short on time, there is always the risk that the first layer won't be dry by the time you have to apply the second, which can mean you end up leaving long, visible brush strokes in the top coat that damage the finish. A mistake like this wouldn't just cost you the time and money to put everything right, it also has the potential to lose you a customer.

That's why, before I start the job, I double check how much time I have with the customer, as well as anything else that will affect my choice of paint, so I know I'm prepared with the right one for the task when I arrive at their doorstep. There are lots of products out there that offer the high-quality finish homeowners expect alongside shorter drying times and other benefits.

Knowing as much as possible about the customers? specific needs means I can be confident that any work I do will be top-notch. They really appreciate the effort and I'm always proud of the high-quality service I provide as a result.

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