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The key to great customer service

One of the most effective ways that you can differentiate yourself from your competition is by offering great customer service. By combining high-quality workmanship with superior service, you'll have satisfied customers happy to recommend you and give you great feedback. Providing a high level of customer service needn't be hard work. Keep reading for some useful tips on how you can go the extra mile.

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Treat your customers as you'd like to be treated

One simple way to showcase your business is to treat customers courteously and respectfully. Whether this means arriving for a meeting at the agreed time or keeping your customer's home tidy, maintaining high standards is the key to great service. Remember to answer all calls and emails promptly and respectfully. And, if you have to turn down work, do this politely. You never know when that customer might want to call on your services again!

Use professional business templates

You're a professional, and so it pays for your customers to see you as such. So, when you're quoting for jobs and invoicing make use the of template documents provided as part of your membership. Use your Dulux Select Decorators headed paper to make these look even more professional.

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The templates include estimates, quotations, full jobs specifications and invoices. They allow you to provide a detailed specification of the work to be done, including products and brands that will be used.

Making your documentation specific ensures that both you and your customer know exactly what is expected of the project. The templates also allow you to outline your business payment terms. Making these terms clear can help you to avoid problems further down the line.

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Use your guarantee or disclaimer

Your guarantee and disclaimer add an additional level of service and protection to your customers. They help you to stand apart from your competitors.

The Dulux Select Decorators guarantee underpins your own 24-month business guarantee but needs to be completed by the homeowner and returned to the office for activation. Activating the guarantee means that the DSD office can mediate in the unlikely event that your customer isn?t happy. Using the guarantee ensures a better complaints solution for both you and your customer. If, however, the homeowner is dictating the use of non AkzoNobel products, then they must be made aware that the underpinned 24-month guarantee is no longer valid.

If for some reason your own business guarantee and the Dulux Select Decorators 24-month guarantee cannot be issued, for example, the customer has decided not to follow your professional recommendation, then a disclaimer form should be issued. Again, this ensures that you?re protected if any issues arise.

3 tips to dealing with any customer service issues

However good your service and your workmanship, issues with customers can sometimes arise. Dealing with these well can actually result in customers having a more positive opinion of you, so providing great service in these instances can be good for your business!

  • Seek technical advice - there are times when you may need technical help. For example, you may be using a new product or you encounter problems with a certain product. For help call the technical team on 0333 222 7070 or email at duluxtrade.advice@akzonobel.com

  • Undertake snagging - going back to the job to undertake small amounts of snagging ensures your customer is 100% happy and stops any issues from escalating.

  • Use the complaints procedure - where the guarantee or disclaimer is in place the Select Office is here to guide and support you in situations where your customers are unhappy. Whenever in doubt, call us on 0333 222 7022 for help.

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