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Our sustainability policy

Our business operations

AkzoNobel is committed to the principles of sustainable development and those of the UN Global Compact to promote responsible corporate citizenship.

In addition to the direct impact of our manufacturing operations our Sustainability Policy encompasses relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where we operate, plus stewardship across the supply chain.

Our environmental performance

Environmental impact - conduct all our operations with respect for the environment, seeking to drive down the impact by reducing waste and emissions and using energy, water and other raw materials efficiently. Product impact - seek to develop products with environmental benefits, and improve the environmental footprint of our products throughout their life cycle.

Our customers and the product supply chain

Customers - build long-term relationships with our key customers, working together to improve the sustainability performance of our business. New products - develop innovative new products which have increased benefit for our customers and the environment throughout their life cycle. Suppliers - build long-term relationships with our suppliers choosing as business partners those with standards and ethical practices compatible with our own. Product Stewardship - manufacture and sell only those products that can be produced, transported, stored, used and disposed of safely. Provide appropriate safety, security, health and environmental information for all who work with us, handle and use our products Product Quality - manufacture products which meet the commitments to our customers.

Our people and their health and safety

Employee health and safety - we ensure all activities are conducted safely to protect the health of our employees, providing any training required. However, each employee must take responsibility in preventing harm to themselves and others.

Diversity and Inclusion policy - at AkzoNobel, we try to truly represent the many and varied cultures of the markets we serve by building diverse and inclusive teams. Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion means that we do not tolerate unfair treatment and discrimination towards our employees due to a person's age, race, colour, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any other status. Everyone within the business must ensure that people with different skills and backgrounds feel equally valued, have equal opportunities to progress their careers and feel the freedom to reasonably be themselves at work.

AkzoNobel Disability discrimination policy - providing an accessible and non-discriminatory working environment helps disabled people achieve equality and make a full and positive contribution. Discrimination of any disabled worked or visitor will not be tolerated.

Our external relationships

Social impact - be a role model and build partnerships founded on trust and mutual advantage, within the communities in which we operate and encourage our employees to be active in local communities.

Transparency - communicate openly and actively, encouraging dialogue on all issues relevant to this policy. Establish, publicise and deliver against challenging performance targets and report our progress in the format developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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