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How to Create an Ombre Paint Effect

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The ombre gradient trend can be seen everywhere at the moment, from fashion and home décor to hair colour. If you haven't come across the effect before, ombre is where one colour gradually fades into another, subtly shifting from light to dark. The effect makes a big impact but, in fact, it's easy to achieve. Whether you layer pale and dark versions of the same colour together for a harmonious feel, or make a statement and choose complementary colours, this super-stylish look is all about getting creative. So relax and have fun with it. Here's how...

Step 1: Measure up

Using a tape measure and a pencil or chalk, mark the point where you want the two colours to blend together.

Step 2: Get painting

Using a wider brush or a paint roller, paint the wall with your two chosen shades, starting with the top section first. Paint the wall from the top downwards in your first shade until you hit the meeting point, then paint the bottom part in your second shade. Keep the edge where they meet uneven.

Step 3: Perfect blend

Use upward, criss-cross and diagonal strokes to join the first and second colour together.

Step 4: On a roll

For the perfect finish, we would recommend going back and doing further blending after you have both colours on the wall. To achieve this technique, roller lightly over the blended area for a slightly more graduated effect.

Yep, those are all the steps you need - we told you it was quick and easy to do. To get the best result, choose colours that are similar in tone to create a more harmonious feel. We're using Azure Sky 2 and Sapphire Springs 3, but experiment with other great combinations such as Almond White and Lemon Tropics. You can even add another layer of colour to break up bigger walls and defined areas.

Watch the video here for a visual guidance:

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