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Good things come to those who wait

Good things come to those who wait

Sometimes it seems as though customers can't wait to get me out of the house. Not because they don't like having me around (I hope!), but because they're always eager to get jobs finished as quickly as possible. I find this even more so in December when the dash to get the house perfect for Christmas is on. A lot of the time, however, this haste to get things done can lead to disaster.

I recently experienced this when I was fitting a new carpet for a customer. While I was removing the old one, we uncovered the most magnificent wooden floor lying underneath. Unaware that this lay beneath, the customer had a change of heart and decided that instead of installing a new carpet, they wanted to restore the wood to its former glory.

After prepping the floor, I applied the varnish and left the homeowner with strict instructions that it'd take at least 24 hours before the floor was fully dried and ready to walk on. But the customer obviously grew impatient waiting for their new, polished, floor, and in an attempt to speed up the drying process, decided to turn on a heater to blast the varnished area. Big mistake.

The gust from the heater's fan blew dust and bits of debris all over the freshly coated, and sticky, floor - leaving it covered in mess and ruining an entire day's worth of work.

After receiving a sheepish phone call letting me know what had happened, I had to go back to re-do the work, meaning the process took twice as long as it should have done, all in an effort to get it finished faster.

Customers need to understand that if you want a job done properly, it takes time. You can't rush a project and expect the same standard of finish because you often end up causing more harm than good.

Do you have any stories about hasty homeowners causing decorating disasters? It would be great to hear about them.

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