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Earning your wallpaper hanging stripes

Earning your wallpaper hanging stripes

I'm often asked by customers to hang wallpaper for them, which is unsurprising, given that there's a lot more to it than just applying paste to the walls.

This was certainly the case recently, when I was asked to hang striped paper up a staircase to create a feature wall in an open-plan living room. I noticed that, from the sofa, the paper could be seen through the gaps in the banisters, which could offset the pattern's look if it wasn't aligned correctly. The customer hadn't thought about it until that point, but agreed with me and asked me to go through with my recommendation.

Before I started, I took care to measure up the staircase as precisely as possible, to line everything up properly, and I regularly checked my progress from different viewpoints, so I could put right any issues before it was too late.

All this extra attention really paid off and the finished wall looks great. The customer was very pleased with the final result, and was especially grateful for the advice I'd provided, helping her achieve the desired look in her living room.

This goes to show that being a decorator is about more than just applying paper or paint to walls, but is also about giving customers the benefit of your experience. Your customer's decorative scheme is important to them, so any advice you can give to make it as effective and impressive as possible will be really valued.

What advice have you given customers?

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